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The Exceptional Foundation of East Alabama

The Exceptional Foundation of East Alabama is a nonprofit organization established to serve individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and provide opportunities for those participants to thrive and be engaged in social and recreational activities.  

I had the opportunity to visit my friends and tour the beautiful gardens at EFEA. They recently hosted me and provided an amazing facilities tour and an inside look at day-to-day activities. We enjoyed a lovely afternoon both inside and outside the garden! I made so many new friends, both participants and mentors. This entire group truly embodies their namesake…they are all EXCEPTIONAL!  

To learn more about my friends at EFEA and DONATE to their cause, please click here

Mustard Seed Farm and Market

Mustard Seed Farm and Market was created to offer employment and job skill training for adults who have disabilities. Their plan is to provide meaningful work that will help participants gain the skills they need to be successful within the horticulture industry.  

I was extremely honored to speak at their Summer Night Seminar Series event on ‘Garden Planning and Design’. We had a an amazing night of garden learning, food, fun and giveaways! Proceeds benefited this extraordinary cause and went towards their capital campaign. They are still in need of a climate controlled building, which will provide an additional safe space for participants to work. Please join me in supporting this remarkable cause!

To learn more about my friends at MSFM and DONATE to their cause, please click here

Summer Night Seminar Series Event

Starting June 23rd, please join me and my friends @mustardseedfarmandmarket for a 4 night SUMMER NIGHT SEMINAR SERIES event, hosted by our favorite nursery @enchantedgardensrichmond !

I will be speaking on July 28, on 'Garden Planning and Design'!

It’s for a beautiful cause benefiting @mustardseedfarmandmarket

I will have some AMAZING GIVEAWAYS at the end of my presentation including:

  • 2 Peggy Martin roses, gift certificate and signed copy of ‘Empress of the Garden’ by G. Michael Shoup, founder of @antiqueroseemporium
  • SH&F swag bag including a canvas tote bag, travel tumbler, hat and tee, courtesy of @southernhomeandfarm

Please join us in benefiting this exceptional cause! There will be lots of garden fun and giveaways all summer long!

Ticket Info

I recently appeared on Houston Life on March 21st, 2023, at 1pm CST for a gardening segment!

Houston Life is best known for the latest lifestyle news in Houston, Texas, broadcast from NBC TV's local affiliate, KPRC - Houston's Channel 2.

I will be sharing LIVE a DIY gardening segment focusing on creating a living wreath! I'll show you how to achieve this, as well as share sources for my favorite products to use for it!

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Here are the Steps I'll be sharing on How to Create a Living Wreath!

Step 1:
Use a 2-part wire wreath form and separate the two pieces. Before placing the liner in the form, make sure to moisten thoroughly. Place the jute liner (plastic side in) and fill with moistened potting soil. Then, cover the soil with the second jute piece and clip the wire frame into place. You can plant on either side of the wreath.

Step 2:
Using sharp scissors, cut holes into the liner into an “X” shape. Be sure to space your plants evenly.

Step 3:
Plant your plants through each slit.

Step 4:
Once finished, lay the wreath flat on its back to give it few days to settle it in. Then hang in place. Plants will soon adjust to vertical living and will fill out to cover the entire wreath.

Light: Depending on the chosen plants, part shade to full sun will mostly likely be best for annuals. Herbs and most succulents prefer as much sunlight as they can get! Be sure to read the garden tags inserted into newly purchased plants for the exact information on your particular chosen plant.

Watering: Light watering can be done with a gentle hose sprayer. Every so often, lay the wreath flat on the ground, water well and allow to drain for 20 minutes before hanging up again.

Pinching back. Vigorous growers benefit from trimming every week or so. Continue to pinch back to keep them bushy and to preserve the round shape of the wreath.

Other liner choices:
Liner material needs to be soft enough for you to make a hole and plant. At the same time, it needs to be thick enough to hold the potting mix in place. Other options are Oregon Green Moss or Coco Fiber Moss.

Where may I purchase a living wreath form?
My preferred wreath form choice is available at Their clip-together design makes it easy and quick to create living wreaths to decorate doors, walls, fences and table tops. A variety of small annuals, herbs, or succulents makes for a striking presentation and unique garden decoration. A jute liner is even included! The simple design of these living wreath rings will allow you to plant wreaths for every season!

photo courtesy of Kinsman Garden
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