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It’s my favorite time of the year! The weather has finally cooled after the hot Texas summer, meaning it’s a transitional time in the garden. We are blessed to have two warm growing seasons here; I always look forward to refreshing the garden for fall plantings.

Fall is also the time where I enjoy decorating the greenhouse, our vintage farmhouse table and antique silo. We are fortunate to have mild temperatures throughout winter, so it is not uncommon for us to enjoy dinners just outside the greenhouse accompanied by some late-night football on the big screen in the silo. We'll take a tour of all these areas on the farm, and much more below!

Also in this blog, I've joined some lovely friends from across the U.S. and Canada in sharing our greenhouses for more fall inspiration. Be sure to read to the end of this blog for links to visit these amazing friends and their beautiful greenhouses as well!

Now let’s take a peek around the farm...

The Greenhouse

The Greenhouse Southern Home Farm

My favorite place on the farm…my greenhouse! It’s my sanctuary and my happy place. You can always find me in here! This fall I’ve surrounded it with cornhusks, mums, stacked pumpkins and lanterns. Rather than just laying products on the ground, I used varying heights of risers to create visual interest. I like to use symmetry when decorating as well. You can typically spot that, what I do on one side, I do on the other…but asymmetrical can be a beautiful look too! It’s totally up to you how you create and design your space. I hope you gain a bit of inspiration here!

View from Inside the Greenhouse
View from Inside the Greenhouse Southern Home Farm

I love this view of the greenhouse! If you follow me on Instagram @southernhomeandfarm you may have seen a similar view in the spring with roses. I adorned the greenhouse with fall leaves. I simply glued leaves on fishing line and added painted weights to the bottom. If you give this a try in any space, be forewarned…fishing line is easily tangled. Be super careful when handling, else it takes hours to untangle! And yes, I’ve had to do it!

The Antique Silo (transported all the way from Illinois!)
The Antique Silo Southern Home Farm
pumpkins Southern Home Farm

I enjoyed decorating the silo for its first fall! I used both real and faux pumpkins along the walkway. It’s a trick I used as a former florist. If you mix in both, it’s more economical and no one notices the difference. Can you tell which is real or faux?

The Vintage Farmhouse Table
The Vintage Farmhouse Table Southern Home Farm

The farmhouse table is always a favorite spot to enjoy a meal with family and friends. I’ve used a bottle vase garland centerpiece here for a striking photo. Often times I opt for a simpler centerpiece, especially in the evenings. Our farmhouse table is 10’ in length, meaning long and low centerpieces work nicely as well.

The Vintage Farmhouse Table teams Southern Home Farm

Applying the finishing touches to the farmhouse table for a family gathering!

The Greenhouse Bench
The Greenhouse Bench Southern Home Farm
The Greenhouse Bench

We found our beautiful vintage at the Round Top Antiques Fair last fall. It rests just outside the greenhouse. Here I’ve added a cozy blanket and pillows. Brightly-colored mums inside apple picking baskets adorn the corner, offering a complimentary pop of color.

The Water Feature
The Water Feature Southern Home Farm

I frequently get questions on the object in the middle of my garden… it is a petrified wood water fountain! It has a disappearing circulating pump hidden beneath the river rock. It adds another element to the garden and the sound is always inviting! Two vintage gates open to the garden, just under the Peggy Martin rose arch. A secondary cattle panel arch was installed this year, just beyond the fountain. Trumpet honeysuckle vine is currently growing on this arch. It attracted so many pollinators this year, including hummingbirds! Check out the beautiful video I shot and shared on my Instagram @southernhomeandfarm, on September 20th, of a hummingbird gathering nectar around our raised garden zinnia bed.

View from the Silo
View from the Silo Southern Home Farm

A view from the silo looking out at the greenhouse, bench, farmhouse table and garden. Remember my pro florist tip from above? Can you spot the faux pumpkins?

Garden View
Garden View Southern Home Farm

Another favorite garden view. Here you will see the famous Peggy Martin rose arch awaiting its Fall blooms. I have two cement containers with herbs and peppers that flank my raised garden bed kit. Snap dragons, calendula and dichondra silver falls fill this pearl white bed, that compliments the color on my greenhouse too! I used the Hügelkultur method in filling the bed. It’s very cost effective and time saving – you only use approximately 5% soil to fill the entire bed! If you are unfamiliar with it, please check out my free Garden Guide on either my website at or in my Instagram bio @southernhomeandfarm for more information on this method.

View of the Garden, Vintage Farmhouse Table and Firepit
Vintage Farmhouse Table and Firepit Southern Home Farm

A cozy spot I created just beyond the greenhouse and garden. Simple chairs and a firepit allow guests to relax and make s’mores after a delightful meal at the farmhouse table. Two vintage thermoses mugs hold cider and coffee while a cozy blanket is ready for those chilly autumn nights.

I hope you gained some vision for your garden space this fall! Please let me know if you have any comments or questions!

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Happy Gardening Friends!


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